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I am retired and have been involved in audio for more than 50 years and owned various tube amps/preamps and speakers
including pairs of 15" gold and red dual concentric Tannoy's in an infinite baffle as well as Karlson enclosures, about 45 years
ago I was made aware of how good a single driver loudspeaker can sound, ever since than I have been listening, designing
and building single driver speaker systems only.

This site is mainly dedicated to my Single Driver Fullrange Loudspeaker System and the Tube Amplifiers used.

My latest design using a 6-1/2" dia. driver mounted in a large Front Panel enclosure........... Click on Thumbnail............... Single Driver Loudspeaker Cabinet

This is my newly build 2 stage triode connected SE kT88. amplifier...Click on Thumbnail..... SENSI-SE amplifier

This system is presently driven by this new amplifier.

More to come!!!.

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